In My Shaker…

“Wow! What are you taking?”

In our search for the Holy Grail of fitness, it’s a common question.  Seeking that magic potion to immediate health and fitness.  After 34 years in fitness and “me-search” I can confidently share that there is no magic potion — I would have found it.

These photos “before” and “better” represent an almost 5 year journey.  I walked into CrossFit at 47 years old and Eric took my picture.

weight165 lbs.178 lbs.
body fat21%15%
blood pressure118/70108/60
Resting Heart Rate7864

Little over a year ago I was really struggling with joint pain, finishing workouts and not recovering from workouts.  I knew it was rooted in my nutrition plan but refused to make a shift.  I stopped drinking alcohol and it helped, but not much.  Then my cousin and fellow CrossFitter tried the keto diet and lost over 30 lbs.  I’d heard of low carb strategies and always make it a point that when I hear about something 3 times from independent people I trust — I study it.


Just because something works for me doesn’t mean it’ll work for anyone else.  I started a nutrition plan with 30 to 50 grams of carbohydrates daily.  In 4 days I hit ketosis and remember the exact moment — I was standing in my office and it felt like I was struck by lightening.  The shift from glucose to fat fuel was pretty dramatic for me.

The results were demonstrable — I was finishing WODs within the time cap regularly (a rare occurrence).  I was not getting winded on runs.  And I was recovering much better.  After a month — zero joint pain.  Zero.  My decades of poor nutrition and refined carbohydrates had been my kryptonite and I hadn’t realized it until now.


Yes, I use supplements.  Same disclaimer — they work for me, does not mean they work for anyone else.  I have blood drawn every other month to watch some key markers, so things right now are on point.  I train CrossFit at 5AM 3 to 4 days per week and Olympic Lifting one weekend day.

AM Shaker (training days)
Xendurance Protein (chocolate)
Keto//OS (chocolate swirl)
UCAN SuperStarch

3 Xendurance Extreme Endurance tablets

Post-Workout Shaker
Endurance Creatine JB

AM Shaker (non-training/recovery days)
Xendurance Protein
Keto//OS in my coffee

Lunchtime Shaker (3 days/week)
Keto//OS NAT (raspberry lemonade -caffeine free)

Afternoon Shaker
1st Phorm BCAAs

Bedtime Shaker
Ascent Casein Protein

Full Disclosure — I joined TeamXND.  The independent studies on their products’ efficacy were important to me and they work…for me.  And I hate paying retail or shipping.  I’m not a rep for Pruvit, but I buy their products and Kim Zampogna (@ketoish_kim) was a great resource when I ventured into low carb nutrition (the power of Instagram — how I found her. Tell her I sent you her way).