MomWOD 12/23/2017

Yes, I know this is a Monday-Wednesday-Friday program and you’re shocked to see a Saturday training session, however, Monday is Christmas.  If you’re inclined, save this for Christmas morning or use it as a prep for the traditional over-eating and over-sitting usually associated with the holiday.

Have a great holiday!


200m run/jog
5 air squats
heel walks (50 steps)
toe walks (50 steps)
toy soldiers – opposite arm to foot (20 steps)
3 position squat, 3 times each – wide stance, normal stance, narrow stance
world’s greatest stretch (4 each side) – link to video
lunges – 10 forward and 10 backward
10 arm hugs
10 air squats


As Many Rounds & Reps As Possible
25 Minute AMRAP (set a timer for 25-minute countdown):
25 air squats
25 sit-ups
25 meter sprint
25 push-ups
25 jump rope singles

Record your Rounds and Reps in Comments